Fell Runner | Road Runner

So I’m Hannah, main hobby is running, prefer off road or fell but do a bit of road running too!  Also, I cross train at the gym with weights and swim for recovery.

Currently living in West Yorkshire and work in a health food cafe, I am also a qualified gym instructor and working on my level 4 diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management.  Food, film, music, book and travel lover. My best friend is my patterdale terrier, no joke!

I started running for weight loss years ago but with counting calories and extreme cardio, it led me into a dark time of eating disorders.  I managed to get myself back on track last year and now run just for ME.  It keeps my head clear, gives me a focus outside of work and the opportunity to keep improving, what more motivation do you need?  My short term goals are to get my 10k time under 50 minutes and my 5k under 25 minutes. But eventually I want to run my first half marathon and work my way up to an ultra and some triathlons!

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A small but special achievement is a recent race. My first 10 miler and my first placing in a race of third female. From the girl who used to walk round the 800m track in school PE refusing to run!


“Sometimes it’s not about who has more talent. It’s about who’s hungrier”


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