Craig Dutnall

Mountain Biker | Enduro Racer

I got into mountain biking when someone told me i wouldn’t be able to do it, so I bought a secondhand bike, got myself a cheap helmet and set off for the local trails!
I spent more time off the bike than on it, but I enjoyed it and slowly I got better with practice.  As I was now going out quite regular I ended meeting a group of guys and went off on a ride with them. I was so slow compared to everyone else, but I told myself I want to be as quick as these guys…it’s taken 4 years with a fair few ride ending crashes and trips to hospital along the way, but I think I’ve proved my doubters wrong!

I’ve met some amazing people on my journey, some have become really good friends, some have given me advice and supported me and this is what makes mountain biking so special…we all look out for each other and I love the laughs we have on our adventures, rain or shine.

I’ve had some amazing adventures so far, including hiking all over the UK and climbing an active volcano in Bali, but the most memorable was spending 2 weeks trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal with my friend. The landscapes and views were incredible. Being 13,550 feet up in the middle of the Himalayan mountains is a feeling you could never forget.

Last year I entered a few short trail races which really wet my appetite for trail running. This year I have entered my first ultra-marathon – Race to the king. Most people find this an interesting choice given I’ve never even done a marathon before! But hey, go big or go home, right?

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In 2018 I took part in my first ever race, it was an XC event and it gave me a taste for racing.  The same year I tried my hand at enduro racing and found a category I really enjoy. In 2019 I’ll be racing at ArdRock Enduro, one of the hardest enduro races in the UK.


Something my dad once told me…”live for today because tomorrow never arrives”