Ben Crossley

Fell Runner | Ultra Runner

I lost myself to a very dark place for a good decade. Living the ‘party’ lifestyle in the city. My mental and physical health were on the point of breaking. This is when my wife came in and saved me, we moved away to the countryside for something a little quieter.

This new quieter life left me with a hole to fill and, still suffering from mental illness, I found karma out on the local trails. This was it, I was soon hooked. From one addiction to another I suppose, perhaps that’s what makes the difference from the Sunday runners and those that start to excel in their passions. You need that addictive personality which we also know as drive, that makes you get up at 5 am for that 10/15-mile training run.

After completing my first half Marathon I joined the local running club, Helsby. Here I was introduced to fell running. Wow! What a buzz, it takes me right back to being a kid, larking about with a load of like-minded people, getting covered in mud, the sights you see whilst you’re up in the heavens is mind-blowing and, having a competitive spirit, every race became more and more addictive to push harder up those hills. I typically find myself finishing within the top 10 on these smaller fell races.

I then started competing in longer fell races which ultimately lead me to competing in my first Ultra-Marathon, The Pennine Barrier 50 miler, which included the Yorkshire Three Peaks. It was a total whirlwind and I loved it!

As I sat in the van on the way home the next day my mind started to flood with thoughts. ‘If I can do 50 now, why can’t I do more?’ This must be what goes through anyone’s head when starting out down this road…. Our only barriers are our own minds. Well, I believe I can… the hills and trails are where I feel comfortable in life, why wouldn’t I want to devote my time into this humbling sport. I want to see how far I can push myself, see what will break me and when it does, can I get back up and carry on? It’s time to find out. I’m going all in…

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I’m currently training for my first 100 miler, the Chester Ultra. Only time will tell. In the longer term – dreams…I’m aiming for the UTMB and of course, the notorious Barkley Marathons.

“All you need is one person to believe in you and, the world is yours.”


It’s by far the Agave #9 Cocoa Energy Gel… damn that stuff is tasty! And packed full of yummy goodness, this gives me a lift of much needed energy on those longer training days with a taste that could very easily quench anyone’s guilty pleasures.