Cocoa – Chocolatey Healthy Goodness

A woman wearing a yellow polka dot dress eating chocolate cake.

At Monk Nutrition love Cocoa, in fact we love it so much that Agave#9 Cocoa was our very first energy gel! Not only do we think cocoa tastes amazing, it’s also packed full of health and nutrition benefits. Get ready to dive into the chocolatey world of cocoa goodness! I’ve been eating chocolate for as […]

TRAINING FAQ – How can you improve V02max?

Human skeleton posing with hand on chin deep in thought

Do I need a degree in sports science? Training for optimal performance requires a whole heap of scientific research, but we’re here to make sure you don’t need to go to university to learn some tips & tricks of the fitness trade! We found this fantastic article at Velo News, delivering some serious insight into […]

Organic food, what is it? | MONK NUTRITION UK

Large sunflower in field of sunflowers during summer

Organic food, what is it? We see and hear the word ‘organic’ everywhere these days, but what does it actually mean? We put you in the know! Organic farming explained. Organic food is produced using farming methods which comply with the standards of organic farming. Although standards vary worldwide, organic farming features practices that cycle […]