5 Top tips for juggling family time and the mountain bike

Mountain biker jumping bike off of rocks in the countryside.

Being an ambassador for the uprising of a nutrition revolution has brought me the opportunity to partake in some blogging. Something new to me, I am not a writer that’s for sure! When I was offered this proposition I thought to myself, what could I bring to the party? After much blank thought it became […]

Energy Gels – The secret to performance

Monk Nutrition Guraca Energy Gel sachet and Agave#9 Forest Energy Gel sachet resting on top of triathlon bike water bottle holder

Have you ever wondered how athletes can sustain energy over incredibly long distances? We take a look at Energy Gels and how they play a major role in maintaining energy levels to keep your performance at its peak. You can’t help but be amazed when reading stories about athletes competing in mind boggling endurance events, […]

Bulletproof Hamstrings – Nordic Curls

Female a wearing purple tracksuit stretching her legs on a football pitch.

Tired of pulled hamstrings? Want to be faster? Chances are you just aren’t training your hamstring muscles in the right ways! Don’t worry, Monk Nutrition has got you covered… We have an awesome short video from IFAST Robertson Training Systems showing you how to correctly complete a Nordic Hamstring Curl to bulletproof those hammies! Why […]

TRAINING FAQ – How can you improve V02max?

Human skeleton posing with hand on chin deep in thought

Do I need a degree in sports science? Training for optimal performance requires a whole heap of scientific research, but we’re here to make sure you don’t need to go to university to learn some tips & tricks of the fitness trade! We found this fantastic article at Velo News, delivering some serious insight into […]

How To Carry Your Mountain Bike | Hike-A-Bike Techniques

Ambassador Loz through woods on mountain bike wearing full face helmet and GoPro camera mounted on top.

We are always on the lookout for awesome content that can help our customers, and this week we discovered a really useful video from the Global Mountain Bike Network: How To Carry Your Mountain Bike | Hike-A-Bike Techniques The purpose of a bike is to ride it but unfortunately that is not always possible. If […]