Hardmoors 110 Ultra Marathon – Part 1

Janine Paul with race card before the start of the Hardmoors ultra marathon

Fancy taking on an Ultra Marathon? Buckle up for the ultimate 2 part ‘birds eye view’ of one of the UK’s toughest Ultra Marathons with the hardcore ultra ‘runhinged’ runner – Janine Paul The race that eats its young…no wait that’s Barkley! Jon and Shirley Steele’s Hardmoors may not have quite the same DNF rate, […]

Hardmoors 110 Ultra – Part 2

View from the cliffs overlooking a beach at Saltburn.

Welcome back to part-2 of the amazing Hardmoors 110 Ultra! Janine Paul continues to give us the insider view on one of the UK’s toughest Ultra Marathons…here we go! Saltburn – halfway (ish) The steep descent off the cliff top into Saltburn comes into view, after what seems like a long section. I’d been running […]