Maca Powder – “The Food Of The Gods”

Maca Powder in wooden spoon on blue surface

For centuries, Maca Powder has been referred to as “The Food of the Gods, Nature’s Viagra, and Peruvian Ginseng”. Grown in the glaciated slopes of the Peruvian Andes, it is the highest growing food plant in the world.

Energy Gels – The secret to performance

Monk Nutrition Guraca Energy Gel sachet and Agave#9 Forest Energy Gel sachet resting on top of triathlon bike water bottle holder

Have you ever wondered how athletes can sustain energy over incredibly long distances? We take a look at Energy Gels and how they play a major role in maintaining energy levels to keep your performance at its peak. You can’t help but be amazed when reading stories about athletes competing in mind boggling endurance events, […]

Baobab, The Tree Of Life

A lone Baobab tree with elephants shading under its branches.

The majestic baobab tree is an icon of the African continent and lies at the heart of many traditional African remedies and folklore. Known as “the tree of life” – Monk Nutrition use Baobab in a number of our products, including our very popular Agave#9 Baobab Energy Gel. “The Tree Of Life” The Baobab tree […]

Cocoa – Chocolatey Healthy Goodness

A woman wearing a yellow polka dot dress eating chocolate cake.

At Monk Nutrition love Cocoa, in fact we love it so much that Agave#9 Cocoa was our very first energy gel! Not only do we think cocoa tastes amazing, it’s also packed full of health and nutrition benefits. Get ready to dive into the chocolatey world of cocoa goodness! I’ve been eating chocolate for as […]

Organic food, what is it? | MONK NUTRITION UK

Large sunflower in field of sunflowers during summer

Organic food, what is it? We see and hear the word ‘organic’ everywhere these days, but what does it actually mean? We put you in the know! Organic farming explained. Organic food is produced using farming methods which comply with the standards of organic farming. Although standards vary worldwide, organic farming features practices that cycle […]