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We are always on the lookout for awesome content that can help our customers, and this week we discovered a really useful video from the Global Mountain Bike Network:

How To Carry Your Mountain Bike | Hike-A-Bike Techniques:

The purpose of a bike is to ride it but unfortunately that is not always possible. If you’re out on a long adventure ride or the trail simply gets too gnarly...

Global Mountain Bike Network

Summer 2019 hasn't quite shaped up to last year so far, and with it being a little damper underfoot these techniques may well come in handy on your endurance rides when it's simply impossible to pedal!

Even though it is a little cooler this year, don't forget to carry plenty of fluids, food and spares...Being inadequately prepared is always a recipe for disaster. A common misconception we often hear at MONK HQ is that energy gels manufactured from water and maltodextrin are a good substitute for water hydration. This is quite simply not the case, the water contained within water/maltodextrin based energy gels is barely a mouthful, and should not be relied upon as your sole supply of water when out riding.

Energy Gels are designed to replenish carbohydrates, not to hydrate the body. Equally one should not rely on isotonic sports drinks as your only form of hydration. Isotonic sport drinks are designed to provide rapid carbohydrate replenishment, typically utilising Glucose to provide energy. Remember that this is a high glycemic energy source, designed to spike blood sugar levels and produce a short burst of energy. They should not be used as your only source of hydration, or lone fuel supply on endurance rides. High glycemic energy sources can lead to a state known as hypoglycemia, combined with dehydration this can become very dangerous and potentially fatal. Always carry water and plan in water stops to ensure safety when out enjoying the trails.

We hope you enjoy the video, please keep checking for more new content from across the web, and from our team of ambassadors and MONK HQ staff.