5 Top tips for juggling family time and the mountain bike

Being an ambassador for the uprising of a nutrition revolution has brought me the opportunity to partake in some blogging. Something new to me, I am not a writer that’s for sure! When I was offered this proposition I thought to myself, what could I bring to the party? After much blank thought it became apparent to me that one thing I have learnt over the past 5 years is how to juggle family time and time on the bike so they CAN work in harmony…most of the time. I’ve put together an insight of my 5 top tips for a successful coalition of the two.

#1 Unsociable hours

Be prepared to get out on the stead at any hour of the day. This usually means a crack of dawn sunrise raid before the little ones awake, that way you can be home in time for breakfast…plus, that IS the best time of day! Alternatively get yourself a set of lights, once the wee ones are down for the night then its your time to saddle up, that said, the evenings are much lighter now so everybody’s a winner!

#2 The annual ride with buddies

So your unsociable riding hours don’t sit so well with your riding buddies who can get out at their free will (yes its OK to be envious) so try and have at least one annual get together with all your riding mates, the best times on the bike are with your mates, its always extra special when you can all get together, smash some trails, have a good laugh and reminisce about the days that got you into this biking business.

#3 Be Prepared to go alone

As my previous tip suggests, these new hours on the bike may mean you spend a considerable amount of rides on your lonesome. At least this way you can be efficient with your time, we all have that friend who is a car park ‘faffer’! It can often feel like a chore to keep the motivation fired at times but I’ve found that apps like Strava help to keep it stoked. Although not 100% accurate at times I find it keeps the incentive to not only smash your own times but to that of others as well…go get some KOM’s!

#4 Settle for a shorter ride

A ride is a ride is it not? Getting out regularly means being glad to out even if its not the big rides you used to do. Settling for shorter rides/ones closer to home means your only out for a few hours at a time rather than all day, this way is the ticket to regular riding I have found. I am partial to a trip to Llandegla, unfortunately for me this is a 3 hour round trip plus another couple of hours riding/falling off time so come home time the most part of the day is gone which done regularly can impede on the family vs bike time ratio.

#5 Storm the weather

As your early morning wake-up alarm goes off, you listen as the rain bombards your window like an angry mob whilst the wind holds your garden furniture against the fence at ransom, you were determined to ride but the comforts of your warm cosy bed are just to overpowering. We’ve all been there but its time to demolish the duvet demons and head out into whatever the unpredictable British weather has to offer. I have on so many occasions regretted missing my morning slot and having to spend what feels eternity waiting for the next chance to be out. Sun, rain, snow…its all character building so I am told!


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"Nothing beats getting up at sunrise and getting out on the mountain bike…oh and enduro racing!"

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