What’s Your Passion?

Who are Monk Nutrition UK Ambassadors? We are everyday people, mums, dads, animal lovers, athletes, thrill seekers, adventurers, life lovers…driven by our passions and fuelled by Monk Nutrition. Our ambassadors are all about celebrating shared interests, optimal nutrition, team spirit, passionate personalities, crazy humour and above all, living the best life we can.

When we launched our ambassador program, the team consisted of 9 members and was affectionately named TEAM#9. As our business has grown, so have the number of ambassadors sharing the love of our products throughout the UK, but we have stayed true to our original name, TEAM#9 as a thank you for all the incredible effort that went in to making the brand who we are today.

Get to know our awesome team and read their stories.

Cartoon character of Mauri warrior
At Monk Nutrition, we use organic ingredients whenever possible. All our ingredients are sourced from ethical and sustainable farms that produce natural ingredients, harnessing the power and natural goodness of nature. We are proud to be an organic certified company and will always ensure only the highest quality ingredients go in to our products.