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About Us

Monk Nutrition create plant-based organic and natural ingredient sports nutrition products. We use global, ethical resourcing methods selecting ingredients from sustainable sources, connecting our customers with the natural power and goodness of nature.

Our products are made without additives or chemicals, ensuring you receive a high quality, clean and natural supplement designed to help you perform. 

Our Brand

Monk Nutrition products are manufactured by our partner, Krez s.r.o, under EU licence and with organic certification. We are a team of highly experienced sports supplement and superfood experts who have been involved within the sports and organic foods industry, both in product supply and manufacture, since 2012. The Monk Nutrition team in partnership with Krez s.r.o, manufacture and supply products throughout world, including; Europe, USA and Canada.

Our Work

We source ingredients from around the world, including; Tanzania, Peru, Japan, Mexico, and many more. We actively support local farming communities who follow strict EU Organic farming guidelines, using ethical and sustainable techniques to produce high quality organic ingredients.

Our Team

Monk Nutrition is a young and dynamic, crazy forward thinking team that believes in natural power over artificial ingredient filled products. We are adventurers, athletes, festival goers, family people and animal lovers, living life to the full without compromise. We don’t believe in following others blindly, we lead and think outside the box, stand out from the crowd and celebrate those who dare to be different. Our products are designed to fuel your passions, be a #tastesensation and bring a smile to your face. Join us and be a force of nature.

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Our Belief

Nothing beats nature! We believe that high quality organic and natural ingredients offer the best form of nutrition, and we will continue to deliver incredible tasting natural supplements that perform.